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Last of the Genetic Infantryman Rogue Trooper has gone AWOL with the biochipped souls of his dead comrades Helm, Bagman and Gunnar, determined to hunt down the Traitor General that betrayed the G.I.s. Now, in the latest collection of his adventures, he faces a murderous handgun in 'Major Magnam', the horror of living barbed wire in 'Bio-Wire' and shocking revelations about his past in 'Milli-Com Memories'.

Collects the following 2000AD Rogue Trooper stories:

  • Major Magnam Prologue (prog 311)
  • Major Magnam (progs 312 to 315)
  • Bigfoot (prog 316)
  • Bio-Wire (prog 317)
  • Milli-Com Memories (2000AD progs 318-322)
  • Vid-Vultures (2000AD progs 323-326)
  • Eye of the Traitor (2000AD progs 327-332)
  • Frisco Phog (2000AD progs 333-334)
  • From Hell to Eternity (2000AD progs 335-340)
  • Mega Minefield (2000AD progs 341-342)
  • Gasbah (2000AD progs 343-347)
  • Timeslip (2000AD progs 348-349)







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