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Rocksteady and Bebop were originally regular human members from a gang of thugs until Shredder made them his henchmen. To make them more powerful and to test his mutant serum, Shredder had a rhino and a wild boar stolen from the local zoo and their genes were mixed with Bebop and Rocksteady's. Despite being mutant human/animal hybrids, the two aren't very smart.

Although in this version of the Turtles, Rocksteady is an enemy, his character was likely influenced by the Usagi Yojimbo character Murakami Gennosuke.

Appearances Throughout Comics

Rocksteady in most early comics was shown to be burly with a bit of a pot belly. But recently he is now shown now to be very muscular before and after mutation and much smarter (not much) than his early counterpart.


Rocksteady is very skilled with heavy weapons such as the M-60. He is very strong and his fighting style seems to be brawling as he takes heavy swings at most of his enemies.


Rocksteady seems think he is on friendly terms with Shredder, but sometimes appears afraid of him. He and Bebop are best friends and are usually never seen not together. He hates the turtles especially Raphael for beating him and Bebop in a fight. He seems to enjoy working for the foot clan, and tolerates their members.

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