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Setting the Bar for what comics should be like today !

As a long time Rocketeer fan, this series has lived up to everything that Dave Stevens evoked into the character. Hot Headed Flyboy, The Beautiful Bettie, Guns a Blazing, and a griping story that keeps you drawn to each page that when you finish the book you can’t wait for the next issue. You can tell each writer and artist put their hearts into the story and gives the best work possible.

The Good:

 Everything about this book is great. I love how the rotating writing and art duties change but the feel doesn’t. Each one flows well into the other where you are reading 3 separate stories but they all read as one. The Mark Waid and Chris Weston story made me feel like Dave was still telling the stories. Darwyn Cook’s story hands down is my favorite so far in the entire run. The man always provides the goods! Let’s not forget Lowell Francis and Gene Ha’s story of the battles Cliff faces, and why he still has the rocket pack.

The Bad:

 I can honestly say I didn’t find one thing bad about this book. The writing is top notch. The Artwork is superb. The reader always has something to draw their attention should it be the story or the double page splash pin ups.


 I HIGHLY recommend this book for anyone who is not picking it up. It’s hard to find a book out there that is on this level. IDW and the comic artist and writers involved in this tribute to Dave Steven’s greatest creation is showing some of the greatest tributes to a creation I have ever seen.

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