The Rock Lee respect thread.

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The Coolest charecter in Naruto!

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Bookman says:

"The Coolest charecter in Naruto!"

I agree with you on that.

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Resonate says:


No offense, but I hate Gaara. I hate his voice, his personality, the way he fights, boring. I like his backtory though, and how he came to be this way. Still, he just has no appeal. Go start a Gaara respect thread, because this is to celebrate the coolness of Rock Lee!

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I like Naruto. Rock lee is alright.

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Bushy Brow is by far one of my favorite ninjas.

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rock lee is awsome we should all work as hard as he does hes one of the best by working hard sticking to his training and never giving up. hes by far the best fighter in naruto and his fights are the best there just pure hand to hand to combat plus drunken boxing is so cool.

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Rock Lee is a good character love how it looks like he transforms into super saiyan in his fight against Gaara lol

He ain't my favorite tough, at least 5 guys before him lol

Don't get me wrong, Lee is cool just not as cool as other characters in my opinion

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My favorite character ever.

#11 Posted by Angelic Reaper (7540 posts) - - Show Bio

omg Rock Lee is so awesome! ^^

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