razzatazz's Robyn Hood #4 review

Right into my hands

This issue seems to maintain the same standard maintained by the rest of the series thus far in that this is a fun issue, but that it is almost completely unoriginal.  As Robyn and her Merry Men enter the tournament, a surprise entry arrives (the king’s champion) who makes their plan more difficult and in the end impossible.  There is an underlying sense of payback here at least as it relates to Robyn’s real world problems but these are still two divergent streams of plots that it is hard to put the two of them together at the moment.  So what is left is a relatively fun though mostly generic adventure in the land of Myst, which traditionally for the entire Grimm fairy Tales Universe has ended in disappointment.  There is still hope for this series though, but based on its achievements thus far it doesn’t seem likely that it will go too far. 



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