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 Again as with the previous issue, this issue has the same limitations in that Robyn is not a perfect match for the setting nor is the character as well developed as in other Zenescope series.  The problem here is how she interacts with her band of Merry Men, a must for any story trying to channel the original source material, but as it is here, it is somewhat clunky in the middle of the rest of the developments.  There is really not much to distinguish these Merry Men from the usual ones from the legend (except maybe that there are only three of them.)  This clunkiness is most evident in the several months long training montage, a sure way to skip meaningful character development.  The end works well enough as the characters head off presumably to set up the final act of the series, but it only feels half-right by this point.  It is still a fun enough series, only it feels like it could be more.



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