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Trust Me, It Will Totally Stick.

Zenescope has been known to be hit and miss with their mini-series. Most of them are done fairly well while the others sometimes lack something to be desired. Robyn Hood though has not been one of those lacking series though. Though it is not my favorite Grimm Fairy Tales mini it still has done a pretty good job of entertaining while giving us characters we can relate too, and a solid enough story line.

With issue three we continue with the well done characterization that has truly been what has kept this series afloat. Our protagonist Robyn is a tough girl with a pension for trouble who has been done royally wrong. Her only desire is have her vengeance on the boys who beat her, raped her, and also took her eye (brutal right?). That kind of goes south though when she ends up in the Realm of Myst, so now she must free Myst from the tyrannical rule of King John before she can return home and teach those bad boys a lesson. Robyn continues to be a likable enough character with her bad girl attitude and sass. Yet in the issue we get a sense that there is a much more vulnerable side to her, and though most of that is explained in the caption boxes, and some is revealed in the dialogue. Robyn continues to be a character that is handled very well.

We also get an introduction to the Merry Men and truthfully the only two that are really introduced are Little John and Will Scarlet. While Friar Tuck and Much get little one phrase introductions. Will Scarlet is handled very well, and we even get a hit of sexual tension building up between him and Robyn. Perhaps this might be used as a plot device to replace the Maid Marian side of the original Robin Hood story. Speculated romances aside Will Scarlet is given a proper introduction to make him an interesting enough character to follow along in the story. Little John on the other hand was given a much larger role in this issue, and he plays the stereotypical gentle giant, and truthfully I think Pat Shand tries a little too hard to get that gentle giant persona across. Little John comes across mostly as a goofball, and sort of an annoying one at that.

The real disappointment in this story is King John, who I believe is supposed to be an incompetent idiot in the original story, but in this one they really try to make him come across as an evil tyrant Sure he forces the populace into competing in his tournament, puts down heavy taxes, has a few old ladies beaten, and whips a few slaves. Yes this is tyrannical and evil, but it's not exactly the level it's hyped up to be. I was expecting a guy who fed babies to horde of hungry rats or something, but instead what we get is the goofiest looking tyrant I've ever seen. Whoever designed the outfit for King John obviously took inspiration from the Disney movie, and to be honest it just does not fit, and it makes the villain seem even less threatening.

There is also a real world segment in the story that goes back to the guy that had raped Robyn, and it really serves as nothing more than a distraction going "Oh hey look at how evil this guy is! Just you wait Robyn's going to get you!" To be honest even though it is a distraction from the real story this guy seems even more evil than King John (which he probably is), and what makes me say that is the panel that he appears in where he is technically raping another girl the look on his face shows pure enjoyment and no remorse for what he was doing, where as King John appears more so as a guy who just doesn't care, and is only interested in taking advantage. I suppose I can see the parallels there, but honestly it kind of falls flat.

Overall this is a very decent book that is worth the pick up for any fans of the Grimm Fairy Tales universe, so I definitely recommend you go out there and pick this series up. Though it has it's flaws, this issue continues to carry this series strongly in the direction that it is going, and that direction looks promising. In saying that let's hope that the remaining two issues of this series continue to be just as good as this one and possibly even better.

Posted by RazzaTazz

Four stars?  I wouldnt say quite so high personally

Posted by Delphic

@RazzaTazz: I know it seems really generous, but I enjoyed this issue a little more than the others which I probably would have given three or three and a half. I think the higher score just sort of goes to me liking how the writers went a little deeper into Robyn's character.


@Delphic said:

, and we even get a hit of sexual tension building up between him and Robyn. Perhaps this might be used as a plot device to replace the Maid Marian side of the original Robin Hood story.

Maybe they'll keep the Robyn/Marian romance. Or introduce Marian as an evil sexy witch.

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