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The BRAND NEW series that reinvents the classic tale of action and adventure in green is HERE!!! In the lands of Myst a tryant rules the city of Bree with an iron fist leaving its citizens living in fear and terror. But all hope is not lost when one man takes the first steps to finding the one person who might save them all. Meanwhile on earth Robyn has had a troubled life for many years since her mother's death. In and out of foster homes Robyn now finds herself transferred to a high class high school filled with the rich and over privileged. But when Robyn crosses one of the popular kids she will learn first hand the extent of torture they are willing to go to against those who transgressed against them. Don't miss out on the hottest new fantasy series of the year. Featuring covers by Greg Horn, Eric Basadula and Stjepan Sejic.

Note: New York City only appears on the cover.

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Robyn is plucked from one world into the next and there is action in both. Great beginning to the tale. 0

Robin Hood is a very well known tale, subject of movies, books, poems and probably plays and songs. I gave a quick read about its history online and found that it has evolved and changed here and there over time, beginning in medieval England but the basics are the same. So in that spirit, this tale is pretty much the one I grew up seeing in movies and TV but applied to the Zenoscope universe in cool ways.Here, Robyn (the "y" is used to make it more feminine but an "I" would work as well) is not...

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Making everyone else look bad 0

Grimm Fairy Tales introduced its next new heroine here and one somewhat unlike the others thus far.  There is the same kind of grittiness and character depth, and while there have been darker characters before, this one takes on her own version of darkness.  To be sure she is a tough character, one that despite her gender seems to not to want to take abuse from anyone but also shows some compassion as she takes on her namesake's tendency to rob from the rich to give to the poor (though the rich ...

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