What is the most coldhearted thing done on a robot.

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We use them as cannon fodder when they don’t have much programming, but if they are developed as character this is where death or anything done of them matters. There been cruel things in kids shows that would be considered ethically wrong when put in thought. We put it as achievement of man over machine stating that we heart/spirit that separate us from them but when they do have emotion stating it seem like insulting Disney’s Pinocchio which sounds heartless. I am also counting what they do afterwards what they do with the body. Before I give an example of one I will let you insert one first

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@Hazlenaut: I always find it is interesting how in any Justice League mission that Red Tornado gets torn to shreds.  
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Here are a few examples from animated series which the comics are based on.

Gladis from Totally Spies when she lost control of herself she became supper villain since she program with an evil villain intelligence. She did not know she was taking over the world. When she became back to normal she they said nothing. At the next episode they only said that she was said to be recycled.

The fans were annoyed by her but that is still cruel, because she was trying to impress everyone. A drink that she was allergic too made lose her senses during Christmas. After that she was to be destroyed because she was threat and she never knew why.

In Snorks Scooter was made to help the Snork Patrol when he went overboard he was told he was doing wrong and going against his programming is wrong he short circuited. The Snorks used Scooter’s body as moment for Corky heroics. The made friends with other robots Snip and Snap you have to wonder when they found out that robot corps is use as a trophy.

@RazzaTazz: I had to put some thought so to put right word limb break and the character put ittle care for it ois concerning. Just hearing “It’s ok he is a robot.” Is concerning. It does not help that a few heroes decide to make out when he is limbless.

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I once dropped by laptop, it was pretty bad.

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I don't know about in comics, but I remember being extraordinarily disturbed by what was being done in that A.I. movie. There was some sort of sick carnival or something where androids were being mutilated for sport? Honestly I turned off the movie. I couldn't keep watching that. Maybe not the most coldhearted thing done, but the most coldhearted thing I've witnessed.

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