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An entire generation thrilled to the star-spanning adventures of Robotech in the '80s. Now old-time fans and new readers alike can revisit the classic comics of that era!

This collection picks up where the first volume left off, reprinting issues #7-12 of Comico's initial Robotechcomics in a 176-page trade paperback that checks in at the easily portable size of 5 3/4" by 8 1/4"! This second of six volumes continues reprinting the entire Comico run, adapted from the Robotech TV series and also boasts a cover based on production art from the television show.

The overwhelming forces of the alien Zentraedi have assaulted the planet Earth, hoping to capture the massive warship, the SDF-1. The fighting has moved to the outer rim of the solar system, as Admiral Gloval and his crew fight a desperate battle for survival!

As the battle rages, Minmay finds success in the first Miss Macross Contest. Meanwhile, Rick, Lisa, and Ben become unwitting captives of the Zentraedi and discover that there's more to this invasion than meets the eye! It's groundbreaking, epic science fiction at its best!

Back Blurb

In this second epic volume, the overwhelming Zentraedi forces have pursued Admiral Gloval and his fragile crew to the outer rim of our galaxy, fighting a desperate battle to save the Earth. As the battle rages, young Minmay finds success at the first Miss Macross Contest and has her first taste of stardom. Meanwhile, Rick, Lisa, and Ben have been captured by the Zentraedi and discover there's more to this alien threat than they first thought.







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