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Robotech stands as one of the premiere animated sci-fi series of the 1980s, one that helped usher in a new era of cartoons in which drama, romance and character development were as important as action.

This volume collects the first six issues of Comico's initial Robotech series as well as supplemental bonus material in a 176-page trade paperback. Written by Carl Macek and Jack Herman, with art by fan-favorite Dave Johnson, Neil Vokes, Mike Leeke, Reggie Byers, Chris Kalnick and Jeff Dee, and featuring a cover of original series production art, this is the first of six volumes that will reprint the entire Comico run, which itself was an adaptation of the Robotech television series.

This story begins as an alien spacecraft — the SDF-1 — crash-lands on Earth, creating a global impact that leaves humanity waiting for the aliens to return. As mankind prepares to defend itself from an impending invasion and rebuild the SDF-1, the story of Rick Hunter, Lin Minmei, Roy Fokker and others unfolds.

Back Blurb

At the dawn of the new millennium, the human race discovered they were not alone in the universe when an abandoned alien vessel crashed into the Earth. The bounty of advanced technology within would alter the course of human history.

This alien technology was known as ROBOTECH...

And so began the legendary Macross Saga, which swept onto the American television landscape in the mid-1980s. Reprinted here for the first time is the comic adaptation of the celebrated series, following the struggles of humanity's last line of defense before the overwhelming threat of the vicious Zentraedi.

Collects Robotech: The Macross Saga #1-6 and Robotech: The Graphic Novel.







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