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Written and drawn by Alexander Matthews, Robot on the Run debuted in issue 3508 of the revamped Dandy.


In the year 5173 the curator of the Museum of Ancient Really Awesome Old Things from the Olden Days of the Past shows a group the only decent exhibit in the entire building, the world's first robot. The museum's curator explains how Robot has been deactivated for 1000's of years, except for a glowing button on his bottom which has the mysterious letters written next to it- 'O' and 'N'. With the smartest scientists thinking that it stands for 'Octopus Ninja' so no one's ever given much thought in pressing the button. that is untill a member of the group suggests it. The curator, talks himself into pressing it, and in doing so brings Robot to life. Not really impressed with being in Ipswich in the year 5173 or the fact that crisps have been banned, he makes his escape for a life of exciting adventure and general shenanigans.

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