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“Colossus! Part 3 of 3”: The most talked-about indy comic of 2009 explodes into the New Year in the most thrilling issue yet! Packed with action, intrigue and poignancy, the “Colossus!” storyline concludes with some amazing revelations about the skull-headed robot warrior. While convalescing under the care of an old man and his dog, R13 discovers more about his past than ever before…and not a moment too soon, as he may need to draw upon this newfound knowledge to battle the most fearsome monster yet! Now that he knows more about himself, R13 is one step closer to learning the identity of the one who keeps sending monsters to destroy him… clues that will lead him directly into his next awesome epic! 
Co-creators Thomas Hall (writer) and Daniel Bradford (artist) deliver the most compelling R13 issue yet. MTV’s Rick Marshall called R13 the “best under-the-radar comic of 2009” – so order a copy and get it on your radar today! Includes pulse-pounding pin-ups from Tegaki blog artist Kim Low, animator-illustrator Jeffrey Cheung, action figure designer and trading card artist Bobby Vala, multimedia artist Kevin Olson and a thrilling new artist on the scene, Maur Cobb.







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