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Sometime before his death at the hands of the final firestorm that reduced Planet Mobius to a smoldering, uninhabitable ruin, Robotnik managed to ensure that his bloodline would live on far into the future, it was this arrangement that lead to the eventual birth of Robolactus, a near-omnipotent robotic entity cursed with an insatiable hunger for the life forces of entire planets. With the aid of his herald, Silver Snively, Robolactus spent much of his life consuming inhabited worlds.
When Robolactus chose the planet Bluto, home to Rotor-27, as his next meal, Robolactus came under attack by The Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy, but their assault did little more than annoy him and so he swatted them away like flies. However, when their antics pushed his patience too far, he nearly incinerated their entire star system. He was stopped from doing so by Silver Snively, who had found a far greater source of nutrition in the form of the homeworld of one of the most tyrannical races in the universe: The Shark.
With Bluto now a thing of the past in his mind, Robolactus took his gear and vanished into deep space alongside Silver Snively. However, at some point and for unknown reasons, the Zone Cops managed to arrest the two and incarcerate them at the No-Zone in a very small cell to the right of Fiona Fox's. However after Lightning Lynx and Flying Frog broke Fiona free they took out Znively and a pair of guards in the control tower and set loose every prisoner in the facility including Robolactus and Silver Snively in order to set in motion the largest prison riot in all the Multiverse.
Robolactus and Silver Snively are currently escaping the No-Zone prison along with all of the other criminals set free by Fiona and her two allies.

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