'Robocop' Gets A Brand New Look

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@Bogey: Creating something new is a lot more difficult in this day and age than you think, not to mention functional cause I'm sure they had a couple of designs that looked good but just wasn't able to work in the direction they were going. That being said I would love to be proven wrong with your or anybody else designs.

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@Outside_85 said:

Looks like he underwent the Dredd treatment; Judge Robo :)

Exactly what I was thinking but this is gonna suck. Why would they turn a remake into a copy of another movie that's not even out yet?

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I reserve my judgment except to say at the moment He doesn't look as cool as the original.

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@maxicere said:

Creativity are dead in movies

I would love to see your NEW designs or read that ORIGINAL script that you've been sitting on, cause I'm getting tired of this online BANDWAGONING of people talking about Hollywood's lack of creativity as if its so easy cause they have a stack of fresh scripts and ideas they are waiting for one of the studios to pick up.

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I like the new design, however I'm sure that it will most likely have things added to it in post production. I'm voting that that make it a shiny black finish.

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now this robocop looks badass.

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I really don't think it looks that bad.

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"Drop It!"

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Congratulations Hollywood. You just ruined all films everywhere.


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bitching people as always, nothing new in this page when it comes to changes.

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looks like someones hand gonna get shot off again

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looks awesome!!!!

The original looked kinda corny.

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@SuperDoahBoy: Fair enough. It still is weird to me that the design is such a departure. That's not to say it looks bad, necessarily, but the original Robocop design is so iconic that this much of a change from that character design is strange.

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@Krak0 said:

I'll buy that for a dollar

Nicely done. XD

I'm not looking forward to this as I wish they'd stop redoing movies from the 80s/90s *Sigh* That being said, seeing as I loved the first one I will see it in theaters for $5.

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Well...I like how the police car and bikes look. Still out on suit thing though.

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So is this a reboot, or a new film in the series?

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Not Robocop to me. That being sad. If I were to become a vigilante I would soooo like a get up like that!!

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I'm disappointed by this, robocops old look was so iconic, this is just bland and a bit dull. But I'll wait and reserve judgement until I see the movie.

Like realistically speaking who here would look at that picture and recognise that as Robocop without being told? Fair enough redo the costume, but they could have kept some of the iconic elements of it

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I didn't know they were making a Crysis movie! Sweet!

Wait... that's supposed to be Robocop???

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I love the original look...but let's be honest: most of us on here have seen far too much sci-fi or played too many video games to expect a cyborg built from bleeding-edge technology to be some jerky machine that can't even jump. I think the new look is badass.

Still needs more chrome though.

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not a fan of the new suit.

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hmm.....wasn't expecting the original suit anyway so I'll give it a chance.

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He better have a gun like the OG Robo. If he has like blasters or some transforming gun that change's his arm to a gun/cannon. Hmmm. I loved the original gun from Robocop. Hmmm i don't know about this suit.

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Does that look like they painted Superman's new armor black to anyone else?

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This does not look good. Im beginning to wonder if he shouldve stayed in the eighties.

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With one look at the original suit you knew he was a cyborg from first glance. It made you feel sorry for the human buried underneath all the metal/circuitry and his loss of humanity.

On the other hand, this looks like a space marine/armored vigilante's suit that could be taken off at any time. If you hadn't told me that he was a cyborg I would have never known.

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I like it. The original is much better, of course. But I'm willing to go with this new look. If it is a reboot/revisioning, I don't really see anything bad in designing a different look for Robocop.

People hating on it need to have an open mind on things and stop having nostalgia dictate your tastes.

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Question: Why is he wearing a motorcycle helmet on top of his regular helmet in the pictures of him on a bike? That's a bit redundant.

Is he trying to be incognito or something?

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Eeeh...admittedly, I'm hesitant, but I guess we'll have to wait and see!

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Could be worse!

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wow I really like how the suit looks, but I don't get the cyborg feel from it. He looks like a guy in a powersuit. That's not going to stop me from watching the movie. I guess they're doing this so robocop can be more mobile instead of being a slow walking tank like the originally trilogy. It's hard to be the ultimate crime fighting unit with the reaction speed of a slug. The new sleek look will definitely be a plus during action scenes.

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Soooo lame

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so.........Iron Man's armor and Nolan's Batman armor had a baby....

But if they threw in some silver on the armor, then I would like it.

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wait its iron man no its gi joe no its judge dredd, please there's no creativity the original old school is better. talk about killing a cult classic.

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It's okay. Like the original better.

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@Frankjpar said:

wait its iron man no its gi joe no its judge dredd, please there's no creativity the original old school is better.

No it's Master Chief from Halo... no wait, you're right it is GI Joe. No wait it IS Judge Dredd. Oh, wait no it's just lame. Haha! I like the original way better too.

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I miss the original visor helmet but I understand since it is not practical.

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Not bad. Reminds me of a suit I would see in a game similar to Mass Effect. If it wasn't for the title telling me this is a new Robocop I wouldn't have known who that guy was suppose to be. I think they could have created a modern suit that resembled the 87' version a bit more though. Just my opinion.

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I just prefer the original myself but I'll be open to this. Better black than something else I say.

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he looks like one of the villian's foot soldiers a action hero would fight in another movie. whatever, maybe it will look significant in motion.

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Let's remake everything form the 80's, because NO one can remember the 80's, amirite?

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I guess I'd be okay with it - not gonna let something like this stop me from watching it, but I think maybe they should have kept some familiarity with the older version, maybe the same color pattern.

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I like it.

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Looks like a cross between Batman and Iron Man.. I am not sure I like this.

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More important than the look is the commercials mocking foreign policy, environmental repercussions. It's like the writer/director made a conservative superhero while mocking traditional conservative policy. (Nuke'Em, Sunblock 3000)

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robocop rises...

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