Who Is the Best Robin?

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I wanna say Grayson but Drake is the best robin in my opinion. He has the most potential and one of the few robins who could hold their own early on in their careers. The guy also had an amazing ongoing series which ran longer than Nightwing i think. He is also the only robin who can do the mantle of Batman justice when he becomes of age. Grayson was a good batman but Drake can be a great/legendary Batman like Bruce is

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Bruce Wayne as Batman, Dick Grayson as Nightwing, and Tim Drake as Robin. Tim Drake is the Robin I know and love the best.

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@GuruOfFunk said:

Bruce Wayne as Batman, Dick Grayson as Nightwing, and Tim Drake as Robin. Tim Drake is the Robin I know and love the best.

Yeah, exactly my thought process.

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Grayson and Kelly were boring, Todd and Wayne were/are obnoxious, and Brown wasn't around for long enough. Tim Drake by default.

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Man, can't decide between dick or tim.

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Dick Grayson hands down for me

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oh you know its Tim Drake

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Tim IS Robin to me.

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My favorite Robin is definitely... GARY GANZ aka the Spectacular Sunbird! ... hey, no fair! just kidding.

But for real, as of the last "NoBody" story-line, I'm starting to really lean toward Damian as my current favorite Robin. Sure the kid is a snotty punk, but he's far and away the strongest personality in the bat family right now. He's young, but he's a fearless ninja with the skill to surpass all the Robin's before him, and probably even his own father. Not to mention that he inherited his father's wicked intellegence.

Tim and Dick were always the lighter side of the Dynamic Duo; true do-gooders, while Batman was the Dark Avenger. With Damian we have a Robin that's as dark or even darker than Batman, and it brings a new and interesting dynamic to the story that really makes the Batman and Robin title my favorite DC title at the moment. I really like how Damien makes the usually stoic Batman so non-plussed all the time. You can tell Bruce loves the kid, but has no idea what to do with him. It's great.

I'm not sure that Damien has been around long enough to completely own the title of Best Robin yet. I think I'll give it another year before I say that he's the best Robin ever. That title still goes to Tim Drake. Tim was the first really interesting Robin that I didn't hate.

I don't know why so many say Grayson was the best Robin. I know he was the first Robin, and I love the fact that DC has allowed his character to grow-up and evolve. I think Grayson, overall, is one of the most well developed characters in any comic over the years, but as Robin? Nah, he was THE cornball, "Holy Geewiz," kid wonder, in fairy slippers and tighty shorts. He is much better as Nightwing. Heck, I even liked him as Batman, but he was boring and irratating as Robin. Honestly, until Tim Drake came around I was on the "Robin sucks" bandwagon. Anyone old enough to have been reading comics in the 80's knows exactly what I mean- Robin was an absolute joke for a while there (which was as much due to Jason Todd as Dick, but the character would need a major overall to interest readers again).

Tim Drake is the one who really changed the game. His character was the one that made Robin no longer suck, and showed why Batman actually is better off with a Robin. Ha! In those first Robin-free Drake issues, Batman was a wreckless mess. Also- The writing, writing, writing on the Tim Drake solo run of Robin was stellar! Bill Willingham especially wrote some chilling cross-genre horror Sci-Fi issues that still haunt me a bit to this day. Some of his ideas were so large in those issues, I found myself surprised to even find them within the confines of a Robin comic. I love the fact that every facet of the Robin character was delved into, including Batman's choice to dress up Robin in bright distracting colors while he wore black and his in the shadows. That brought up the question of whether Robin was just another tool in Batman's utility belt, or if he was a legitimate partner. I loved that storyline. To top it off, those Drake, Robin issues went beyond the comic, took on a deper meaning and talked about some pretty heavy real life issues such as mental illnesses, teen pregnancy, abortion, and addiction.

So, yeah... I love the Tim Drake era of Robin. I also loved his run as Red Robin as well. I think DC is crazy to not have a Tim Drake solo series out right now in the New 52. I'm sorry to say that the Teen Titans just doesn't cut it. It's a so-so title, but no where as good as Robin or Red Robin. I also thought Stephanie Brown really got short changed as Batgirl in the new 52 as her character was finally really starting to blossom. So, why not a Red Robin & Spoiler title? I'd love that. There would certainly be a lot for those two to discuss to carry many stories I'd imagine.

Stephanie wasn't really a Robin long enough for me to consider her among the best. Plus, she got fired by the Batman. She'd already been dumped on by the Batman when she was Spoiler and ousted by the Birds of Prey. Getting fired as Robin and then killed by Black Mask made her character the most sad depressing DC character of all time until she came back as Batgirl.

Jason Todd? I love him as the Red Hood. The recent series is a bit coarse and silly for taste, but it's still the best thing we've seen with his character. But as Robin? Are you kidding me? DC actually had people put it to a vote whether or not Jason Todd should be killed and the majority of the voters agreed that they wanted them dead. Later on, some of the voters who vote against killing him have allegedly stated that they thought were voting to keep Dick Grayson alive and had no clue who Jason Todd even was. He was a total failure as Robin. I hate to say it, but the best thing to happen to his charater (and at the time Robin as well) was to die. His death did create the jumping point for Tim Drake's Robin and later for Todd's epic return as Red Hood.

Carrie Kelly? She's not the only alternate world/time Robin, so I'm not sure why she's being singled out on the list. There's that Robin 3000 and Toy Wonder Robin and then the other future girl Robin- whose names I can't remember because I didn't like any of those comics. LOL! Sorry. I don't even want to discuss Carrie. It makes me want to yawn.

So to sum it all up...

Tim Drake IS the best all-time Robin, but Damien is also great and is probably the most interesting Batfamily character of the moment. Dick Grayson is an amazing overall character, but his cornball Robin is nowhere near as cool as Nightwing. Jason Todd rocks as Red Hood, but the only thing his Robin did well was to die. Stephanie didn't really get break in the Robin costume before being fired by Batman, and is therefore more interesting as Batgirl, Spoiler and a between costumes character than she was as Robin. And Carrie Ke....yawn.... ***zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

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I think people prefer Dick as a character, but Tim or Damian as Robin.

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To Me Tim is the best, I love how he shares Dick's charm and humor, but Bruce's "the ends justify the means" attitude and detective work.

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Drake by a landslide

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To me personally Tim Drake is the absolute best Dick is great and all and i think he receives the most praise because he is the most well know, but Tim just has more talent and skill, i really wish Tim was in more of the tv shows and movies because to me he is the most modern, why do i think that i have no idea :P

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Damian for the win! XD

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My favorites are Tim Drake and Carrie Kelly. I like Dick Grayson even though he is the most basic and generic, he is at least likeable to me unlike Damian Wayne who in my opinion in order to like him you have to be a fangirl, hes the type of character fangirls get orgasms over, or I dunno something else. Jason Todd is the bad seed and I don't think anybody really likes him. Stephanie was okay.

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Dick Grayson by a very slim margin over Tim Drake. I have a soft spot for Golden age Batman.

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I repeat, Dick is the overall best character but Tim was the best Robin out of them from a technical standpoint.

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Dick is the best character of them all but Tim had the biggest impact on me and was always the best.

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Dick was definitely my favorite Robin as a whole, but I seriously, SERIOUSLY disliked Stephanie - she annoyed me to no end! I actually wish Carrie could've been in her place instead, she at least was cute and fun. As for the rest: Damian makes me laugh (he's such a brat, I can't help but love him!), Jason makes me both sad and angry, and Tim...I like Tim because he knows what's up.

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Hmm... That's a tough one. I'd say Dick Grayson, but when I think of his Robin, I just think of the campy version. I'd say Tim Drake.

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Dick grayson is the best character but i prefer him as nightwing. My favorite robin is Carrie Kelly.

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My favorite 2 Robins woul be Tim Drake and Dick Grayson, my least favorite are Jason Todd and Damain Wayne

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Dick Grayson. He was my favorite, to be honest. With his athletic background and how funny he is, I found him to be the best Robin in my opinion. Maybe it's because he's the very first Robin I know. Jason Todd was a very interesting and rebellious Robin, which is very human and believable, but I was never favoured him. Tim Drake was a smart and cool Robin. I liked him, but not as much as I liked Grayson. I don't know much about Damian Wayne, so I can't really say anything about him. As for Stephanie Brown... no comment... I deteste female Robins. Anyway, Grayson is my answer, except for when he was in Teen Titans. I never liked that Teen Titans series.

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I like Dick and Tim the most. I'll probably lean towards Tim because I started watching BTAS when Tim was introduced, although I've seen more cartoons with Dick as Robin. For me its interchangeable because I love them both. I prefer Jason Todd as Red Hood because I read that before I had the chance to read the comics with his tenure as Robin. And what I've read of Damian I do not like. He is funny but he is a jerk and I can't stand him. Also, I am still wrapping my head around the fact that Batman has a biological son. Kind of ruins the narrative for me.

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I always thought Tim Drake was the only Robin who could become a Batman as good as Bruce.

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Side kick wise im with Tim Drake. He was the most loyal out of all of them. He rarely talked back. Also Dick's run with robin was boring and became entertaining when he turned into nightwing.

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That's easy Tim Drake though he is more awesome as Red Robin though Damian is cool to

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Dick is the best.

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Side kick wise im with Tim Drake. He was the most loyal out of all of them. He rarely talked back. Also Dick's run with robin was boring and became entertaining when he turned into nightwing.

1) What about when Tim doubted Bruce's innocence in the murder of Silver St. Cloud? Nightwing was the one who ruthlessly defended Bruce, not Tim or Barbara.

2) Dick never had a Nightwing-type to vent to when Bruce was being difficult or a father at home. When you mean "talked back", do you mean the time Bruce and Dick stopped seeing eye to eye on crimefighting?

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