What was Batman thinking?

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I'm sorry, I like the Robins but the costume is possibly the worst one I have ever seen in comics. Is there a reason Batman chose to dress his boy wonders in such a way?

#2 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (33439 posts) - - Show Bio

He didnt choose it, it was the costume his parents wore in the circus @HughJass

#3 Posted by joshmightbe (24885 posts) - - Show Bio

It's just a slightly modified version of Dick Grayson's Flying Grayson performance outfit

#4 Posted by BlackArmor (6141 posts) - - Show Bio

Now that Dc rebooted I'm pretty sure they're going to reset the existence of that monstr- I uh mean costume. So I'm going to pretend that it never existed which is why I must ask "Why would you draw such a terrible fan art"

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