The Funniest Robin?

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We all have our favourite Robin, mine personally is Damian.

Though, a question I also found myself asking was which Robin did I find the funniest?

Well, that would also have to go to Damian Wayne.

He had plenty of hilarious moments in his career, but this was by far my favourite:

I laughed at Damian's comment for a good 10 minutes.

Who do other people consider to be the funniest Robin?

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Damian and Dick are both funny to me in different ways.

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I would go with either Damian or Dick. Dick is more jokester/playful funny while Damian is a very serious and sarcastic kind of funny. Its why they were such an amazing pair in Batman and Robin.

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Oh, another of my favourite Damian moments:

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Damian is incredibly funny. Not just his jokes, but his whole attitude and rudeness towards the others, especially Tim.

Steph is probably the funniest though. But I don't really count her time as Robin lol

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And this is the best joke Tim Drake's ever made lol

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Damian ofcourse.

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Between Dick and Steph.

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Damian and Dick at the same time.

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Damian.Best Robin and the funniest of them all.

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as much as i like damian tim will always be my favorite robin.

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