Off My Mind: Is There A Longing for the Death of Robin?

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@RedOwl_1 said:

@MinkoAk said:

I suppose, all my teachers I had told me that but it never happened....

Still waiting on this one to ;) But we're speaking of a comic book here :P this is just the easy explanation !

@EscGamer said:

I think he'll probably have some near death experience and have a wake up call

That's actually worries more than anything, this wake up might kill the character, metphorically uh, and turn him into a more (too) classic Robin when I feel he's supposed to change Robin...

#52 Posted by DarthShap (874 posts) - - Show Bio

@Or35ti said:

Was the half a billion dollar hit placed on Damian in current DCnU continuity? I think he's waaay too young to die, and that would make Batman a whole lot darker.

Pre-New 52 continuity-wise but it was published last month and I am unsure about its follow-up, the Leviathan miniseries.

And no, he is not going to die. There is an entire ongoing centered around his relationship to his father.

@EscGamer said:

Dick Grayson made Robin cool in a team way. He really stood out and came out on top in the New Teen Titans but not so much solo until he became Nightwing.

Because writers did not know what to do with him. The idea that Batman actually needed a Robin to cheer him up pretty much finds its roots in Miller's Dark Knight, was developed in Death in the Family and clearly established in An Lonely Place of Dying but that had nothing to do with characters and everything to do with writers. Now that writers know how to write Robin (ironically all except Frank Miller that is), just take a look at the more recent Retcon stories using Dick Grayson in his youth (best examples being Robin: Year One and Dark Victory but that goes for every flashback sequence).

@EscGamer said:

Tim Drake made Robin cool solo wise. He was pretty much a lighter toned small Batman. plus he had pants.

And that is the entire problem. There is a reason why Batman is that good. He is crazy, completely obsessive and perfectionist. From the moment his parents died, all he did was train himself to be the best at everything (every fighting style, every science, every detective work methods).

The problem with Tim Drake is that we are supposed to believe he is that good a detective and that good a fighter pretty much from the get-go and without and sorts of training. Finding out Batman's secret identity in mere months when every villain, journalist and government agency has failed to do so for years? Beating Shiva after a few weeks of training? Come on, nobody can believe that. Not even Batman should be able to beat her.

Up until IC, another problem was how Tim Drake had no reason to behave like this brooding small Batman. IC made it even worst and now he just cannot stop whining.

And not only is he written like a small Batman, the character himself talks like one. That is just bad on so many levels.

#53 Posted by SpidermanWins (3975 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah sidekicks ALWAYS die at some point... it really stinks

Personally, I think that Damian shouldn't die since it would be such a repeating of the past.

Also, do all Robins have to be white with black hair? Just wondering...

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This is weird, I watched the happy hour last night where they talk about superhero deaths and then this comes up. Coincidence indeed.

#55 Posted by PikminMania (4628 posts) - - Show Bio

An executive at DC at the time (pretty sure it was an executive) wanted Robin dead after the first issue since he though, "Why would Batman need a partner if he can handle it all himself?"

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#57 Posted by NightFang (9635 posts) - - Show Bio

Personally, I think Damian should have never existed.

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Okay I'll admit I haven't always been the biggest Damian fan. Initially, I found him irritating and pretentious. I understand the hate, up to a point.

To kill him off now would be a terrible mistake. Tomasi is doing great things with Damian. Where once his anger and hatred were unfounded, it seems like Tomasi is actually giving him reason to be so cold. His attitude isn't so radically off-putting anymore. I've actually begun to identify with him. Damian is quickly becoming one of my favourite Robins.

Unlike most people, I never liked Tim as Robin. To me, he always seemed like he was trying to be too "cool". It was like some attempt at DC being hip and relatable.

Dick Grayson is, and probably always will be, my favourite Robin.

#59 Posted by takuy (17 posts) - - Show Bio

Dick - the embodiment of the idea of a 'sidekick', Killing Dick would be like ripping up the United States Constitution, it'd destroy the entire foundation of sidekicks in general, he was not only the first Superhero sidekick in comics, but he was one of the first to claim his own persona.

He's the only untouchable Robin. If the DCnU is anything like the previous universe, Dick Grayson has connections with every hero, and if he were to die, it would impact every character possibly greater than Superman's death affected anyone.

#60 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (5 posts) - - Show Bio

You have to kill people in stories. Heck, they often resort to 'pretending' to kill off The Batman as well. I think even if as a writer or publisher you didn't want to to him, there would still be reason to kill off Robin. Kill someoen off, break someone's spine, make them retire, split them up, kill someone off...its a big circle.

#61 Posted by sweetesttoaster (144 posts) - - Show Bio

Personally, I like Damian in batman and robin. His relationship with Bruce makes the story interesting.

#62 Posted by TheMess1428 (2176 posts) - - Show Bio

Damian has a clone being created so that when he is 20 years old, he can have a 10 year old clone of himself as his sidekick. There is no way he can die. I see him growing evil and then redeeming himself later. Kinda like Jason Todd.

#63 Posted by daredevil21134 (9062 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't see why Batman needs a sidekick

#64 Posted by EpicMeltDown (64 posts) - - Show Bio

"Recent developments suggest that Damian's time may be limited as well." What recent developments suggest that? The article linked to in that sentence gives a brief history of Damian's character but there isn't a single shred of evidence in the article suggesting that Damian is going to A) Die B) Quit being Robin or C) Just disappear to Grant Morrison's limbo. All the linked to article says is another vague unverified sentence "Damian is a tough little kid and has that 'love-to-hate' vibe going for him but it looks like there's some writing on the wall and that writing doesn't look too favorable for him." What writing on the wall? That Bruce and Damian don't have a great relationship? I'm not disputing that Damian may not be Robin for long, I'm disputing that you have presented any evidence that would lead to that conclusion. There may be a bounty on Damian's head but honestly what character in the DC Universe hasn't had a bounty on their head at some point. That's hardly proof of Damian's impending demise. Grant Morrison while talking about his upcoming Batman: Leviathan series at San Diego Comic-Con did say, "Batman: Leviathan is about Bruce and Damian though, and you will cry and cry and cry." Certainly, that could be considered proof that Damian is no long for this world. However, if your opinion is based on anything tangible you're not sharing it with us.

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@DocFatalis said:

@girl_from_the_future said:

I can barely stand Batman in the DCU, not because I dislike his character but because he's too human and low-tech to be believable in the Justice League...he should be a Bat-Smear. No person without super-powers belongs there...much less a pre-teen boy.

Children are not cool. Never going to be.

I tend to agree with that. Batman can team up with the JL once in a while, but he really doesn't belong there. some will say "but it's his brains that makes the difference not his powers". Yeah, okay, how many characters in the JL are scientists or think super fast or are among the brightest minds existing etc...

Batman is a great character, one of my all-time favorites, but his place is in the streets and gutters of Gotham, not aboard a satellite or on alien planets facing people who can punch a hole through a mountain without breaking a sweat.

As for that children thing, I never really understood. according to me, this is a way for DC to kind of bond with their teen-age readers.

@DocFatalis: It doesn't apply to me necessarily, although I do like Teen Titans but I don't buy it, my teenage friend's pull list if filled with every hero that's a teen and GL.

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@cosmo111687 said:

@DreamerOfEden said:

@cosmo111687: I agree. While the concept of a child taking on the dangers of crimefighting is rather ridiculous, the light and optimism Robin brings to Batman is refreshing compared to the constant darkness of Batman's self-imposed isolation. It brings a depth to Batman (and Bruce Wayne) that we would never see, otherwise.

Exactly. I'm surprised that so few others seem to see that.

Honestly, the fact that the concept of a child taking on the dangers of crime fighting (especially with no super powers and at a silly age of 10 no less) IS RATHER RIDICULOUS! It's is this simple and obvious fact that have so many people wanting the character to be gone. As I grew up reading comics as a youth, I thought Robin was a stupid looking character though I accepted him more out of the respect I had for Dick Grayson's maturity, since by the time I started following the character, he was seemingly more around the age of between 19 and 24. Then I liked the idea of killing off Jason Todd because the character was just too reckless and foolish. It made sense that he would be killed off when dealing with the worst sadistic minds in the DC universe on a regular basis, because the people that Batman face don't leave much room for heroes to make mistakes and act without the respect that these dangerous foes command. Then, Tim Drake was brought along, and he seemed to take the whole crime fighter thing much more seriously than any other Robin at that time of age. This new Robin, is just way too's preposterous! The fact that it takes putting a child in harms way on purpose for Batman to show depth to his character is laughable. The man has been dealing with the death of his parents long enough, and he has been around for the writers long enough, that he should be developing an abundance of depth by now with this stupid boy wonder concept constantly being rehashed. You simply can't be dark and nurturing all in one. Thinking that on the writer's part just shows a lack of respect for the average reader's intelligence in today comic book reading world. I mean, we have children learning adult concepts at a drastically faster rate each new generation. Even children animated films and television shows reflect this faster paced maturity in children than the whole Batman & Robin concept does. I honestly think it's time for Batman to "grow up" and stop relying on the "crutch" that the character of Robin has become over the years. Last thing to think about as I finish. Why is it that the characters playing the role of Robin know how to grow up and move on (as long as they live long enough that is), yet Batman can't do the same? Move on Bats, Robin is so been there done that!!!! 'Nuff said!

#67 Posted by onyxwave (51 posts) - - Show Bio

@DarthShap said:

@Or35ti said:

Was the half a billion dollar hit placed on Damian in current DCnU continuity? I think he's waaay too young to die, and that would make Batman a whole lot darker.

Pre-New 52 continuity-wise but it was published last month and I am unsure about its follow-up, the Leviathan miniseries.

And no, he is not going to die. There is an entire ongoing centered around his relationship to his father.

Well, just because there is a current on-going series about Batman & Robin doesn't mean that it'll be around indefinitely. DC already canceled 6 of the new 52 titles and started 6 new 52 titles. So, depending on how things are written and received, anything is possible regardless of what is currently going on. Me personally, I'm happy to see Batman going back to being solo with acquaintances instead of with a sidekick.

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@Cakeman3000 said:

@DocFatalis: It doesn't apply to me necessarily, although I do like Teen Titans but I don't buy it, my teenage friend's pull list if filled with every hero that's a teen and GL.

Teen characters are mixed, LSH and Teen Titans have all had perfectly 'adult' storylines, and someone like Superboy is a dangerous super-weapon whether he's 5 or 50. But I think the whole idea of entire teams of teenagers is pretty...ridiculous. Like, more ridiculous than 'the most powerful man in the world wears acrobatic tights and a neon sign on his chest'.

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Gonna be in the way minority here, but I feel when they rebooted the universe they should have gotten rid of every robin but one and start over.  Personally I would have loved it if Dick took over for Bruce and Bruce went to Earth 2, but for money reasons I know that's impossible. 

#70 Posted by TimDrakeRedRobin (357 posts) - - Show Bio

Who was the last person to take out Darkseid and save the universe and all that from anti-life? nuff said.

#71 Posted by umbrafeline (5300 posts) - - Show Bio

@RedheadedAtrocitus: lol

#72 Posted by johnnyism (87 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm pretty sure Robin is in the upcoming film "The Hunger Games." And I'm pretty sure he doesn't win.

#73 Posted by SexualLobster (995 posts) - - Show Bio

Honestly, I never liked the idea of robin.

I guess he was nvented to try nd give batman depth without it being about his inner problems.

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OK so i just glanced at a couple of the comments so i don't know if anyone else has said this (if so please forgive me): PLEASE KILL OFF DAMIAN! Damian is a whiny little brat and I am so tired of him. Me and my wife both read comics and have been collecting much of the New 52; however we have just about decided that we have to drop the Batman & Robin title because of the newest incarnation of the boy wonder. I really wish they would give us a similar opportunity to purge our comics of another bad robin. Again if anyone at DC is listening KILL DAMIAN.

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