How You'll Play as Robin in Batman: Arkham City

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#151 Posted by CrimsonTempest (305 posts) - - Show Bio

Getting the game, without question.

#152 Posted by buttersdaman000 (10468 posts) - - Show Bio

I would rather have Dick Grayson....

#153 Posted by .o0Johnny0o. (744 posts) - - Show Bio

Not liking the growing trend of paying for 80% of a game and then having to shell out again for content made beforehand.  I feel like it's gonna get to the stage where I'm paying for Game-Basic and there's a big pop up ad every ten minutes telling me to upgrade to Game-Pro.
Armoured Horses in Oblivion, different guns in Battlefield 3 and now Robin in Arkham.  I don't want a Korean style game where it's free to play but rich kids can buy better guns or characters for an easy pass.
Expansion packs, add-ons, I get but saying 'you have to pre-order this from retailers X Y or Z if you want all the content in the game.'  It'll come on as DLC but my point is when I pay for a book at the end I don't get prompted to pay more for an extra chapter.

#154 Posted by I_Am_Dark (160 posts) - - Show Bio

I normally buy from GameStop, and all they have is one extra challenge map, so I sincerely hope that Best Buy doesn't hog the good stuff for too long.

#155 Posted by danhimself (22712 posts) - - Show Bio
#156 Posted by BigTPotts (123 posts) - - Show Bio

ehem! In England i preordered it from game. did you also get a special cover?

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