Batmans fave Robin??

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Over the years the title of Robin has been passed from boy to boy, even a girl, and they eventually grew up and left him, except Damian, but Who is the Batmans favorite Robin??/

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Dick, you need proof.

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@DarkKnightDetective said:

Dick, you need proof.

I love this

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@lifeofvibe: so? he's the best robin ever. he wins by the simple fact that he survived being robin and continues to fight crime without batman.

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Making a father choose his favorite child is always a dick move.

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@strangeman: reality yes but batman favorite son might be the one who died Red Hood and the outlaws 18?

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Grayson. No contest.

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I'm sure he loves them all equally but in terms of his favorite Robin to work with? Grayson

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Dick is batmans favorite robin they have a bond

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He's shown affection to Damian more-so than the others.

1) He was outright going to kill NoBody because he tried to murder Damian and he only stopped because Damian was there.

2) He forgave Damian when he killed NoBody.

3) At the end of DotF he saved Damian (and hugged him - something he didn't do for the others)

4) He almost went insane trying to bring Damian back from

5) He was willing to give up being Batman after Damian died.

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