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The horrific events of LAST LAUGH #5 tie-in as Robin defies orders and heads into Arkham Asylum to try and prevent the Joker from adding to his legion of villains. But the villains know he's coming, and the odds are overwhelming. No problem, right? Uh, right? Is this thing on?

While inside Cathedral Square, Joker tell Rancor about his plan to kill the bat-brats, and leave Daddy Bats for last.

Meanwhile under Arkham Asylum, Batman, Spoiler and Huntress have found Robin's cape, a skeleton, and a captured Killer Croc, whom Huntress blames for the death of Robin. While the three are trying to investigate, a jokerized Zsasz tries to ambush them but he is taken down quickly.

At Brentwood Academy, Alfred tries to divert the dean's questions about where Tim Drake is at present.

Outside Cathedral Square, Batman, Spoiler, and Huntress have track Joker and sneak in past a force field the Joker has sent up to keep the Gotham P.D. outside.

In Oracles Clocktower, Barbara Gordon explain to Ted Kord why the Bat-family is concerned with Robin's appearnt death. This is when Tim shows up and tells Barbara and Ted about how he escaped Killer Croc's lair. Oracle then calls the Gotham P.D. to go check the skeleton in Croc's Lair, while Ted flies Tim to Cathedral Square, so he can let the Bat Family know he's alive before Nightwing does something he'll regret.

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