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Spurred on my “visions” his roommate, Ali Ben Khadir, is having Tim begins investigating the evil djinn, Arrakhat. A djinn summoned to kill Ali by his enemy the Arghulian.

With help from Alfred, Tim learns that Arrakhat is a genie that does everything in threes. Instead of three wishes, however, he grants three deaths. The only way for him to return to his own circle of Hades is to kill three people.

Concerned that he might be able to handle a demon on his own, Tim contacts Barbara Gordon in hopes of getting some back up.

While watching over Ali, Robin sees armed men on Brentwoods campus. After defeating them he realizes that they were just decoys. By the time he makes it back to his room just in time to find Arrakhat battling with Zugir, Ali’s bodyguard.

After dispatching Zugir, the demon goes for Ali with only Robin (with a little help) to stand in his way.

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