fedspaz's Robin #2 - The Shepardess review

The Shepardess

When we left Robin in the last issue, he has decided to take on a gang in Paris to save what he thinks is an "innocent" that is being beat up by the gang.  He's Robin, right?  He can handle a gang of thugs, right?  After jumping into the fray, he realizes, he's probably in over his head.  Once again, the boy is learning.  I like how every step he takes so far is a lesson to be learned.  
He finds out the person he saved is Clyde Rawlins, former govt. agent.  
We are now introduced to the King Snake.  A character I have never heard of before.  He's a powerful man... both in terms of strength and crime.  He does not spare the rod on any of his lackeys.  
Clyde and Robin are joined by a third... Lady Shiva.  Her goal in life is to get revenge upon the King Snake.  Strange trio that has come together.  Two seeking revenge and Robin trying to find his place in the world of heroes.  
There's plenty of action in this issue.  The action is nicely mixed in the telling of the story.  We now know who the adversary is and the story is coming together.  We can see where Robins path is leading him. 
This is a really good follow up to the introduction from issue one.  I know it's good when I can't wait to pick up the next issue and keep reading.  Lucky for me, I've got it right here....

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