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What Death?

I made a quick YouTube review ( of what I exactly thought of this issue of Robin. I didn't enjoy it. It wasn't bad, per se, it was just lacking in story. The artwork was 100% beautiful though.

The cover makes it look like there's something tragic happening and as the whole "RIP" event has been going and teasers from the DC execs, everyone is waiting for Bruce Wayne to die. I'm not. I don't think that's going to happen. Just as Steve Rogers isn't really dead in the Marvel universe, there's no way Bruce is going to be taken permanently out of the game, not as himself nor as Batman.

We've seen take a break from the mantle before and that just might be what has to happen here in order for him to regain his sanity. He has clearly gone over the edge not to mention the mind control and drug "poisoning" he's got as well. The Bat is in big trouble but this issue of Robin doesn't help much.

Robin runs around with Spoiler, who he's still really mad at for the whole "letting the world believe she was dead" thing; he makes a deal to hire Penguin for information; and he's learning a few tricks of the trade from Nightwing (ok, two really hot superhero guys in one issue might make it worth it after all).


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