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A stakeout turns into a takedown when Robin and Violet both have their sights set on the same dirty casino…and each other! They'll have to work together to get out alive, but someone's not playing fair, and old hurts can mean new trouble when the chips are down. Plus, Cavallo and Wise play their hands even closer, and their grip on Robin is getting even tighter!

Watch out for a Spoiler at the end...

After talking with Detectives Cavallo and Wise, Robin gets the location to Maxie Zeus' "off the books" casino. The two detectives want to strike up a relationship with Robin but he is a little hesitant. They simply want him to do the work while they get the credit in their files.

Because the detectives work robbery-homicide, Robin needs to wait until there's an actual robbery. He figures Violet will hit the place. He does find a lock that's been busted open but has no way of knowing when it happened.

As he waits, Robin tries calling Zoanne. She is still upset at him for falling asleep when they were at an amusement park. He talks to her dad and asks if he can tell her he called. Gunshots begin as Violet makes her move. Robin quickly ends his call and reports gunshots to the detectives.

Robin finds Violet in a room with men lying unconscious and a big duffle bag (with money) over her shoulder. He insinuates if the money is for St. Cams, where he tracked her down to before. As they fight over what is the right thing to do, they end up over the main floor of the casino. Money starts falling which gets the "customers" moving. Maxie Zeus orders his "wrath" upon the "interlopers." More guns are firing and Robin has to actually help Violet safely escape.

Soon Wasco and Cavallo arrive with backup. Maxie is arrested but Robin isn't too thrilled. Violet still got away with the money. He feels a tremendous guilt over Stephanie. He knows he needs to get Violet to stop. He can't have any harm happening to her on his conscience.

As Robin leaves the casino rooftop, he is being observed by a person in the Spoiler costume. She removes her mask to reveal, what appears to be, Stephanie. She simply says to herself, "Goodnight Tim."

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