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Part 5 of the 7-part "Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul!" Robin goes off the deep end as the temptations of Ra's al Ghul prove too strong to resist! Will Nightwing take his big brother role to heart and try to drag Tim off the ledge? Guest-starring Batman, Damian and Talia al Ghul.

Despite Ra's al Ghul recent offer to Robin to join him and he'd bring his parents back from the dead, White Ghost doesn't care if the Assassins kill him. He orders the men to take care not to injure Damian. When Robin makes his move to break free, Talia and Damian follow his actions. Tim knows it's crazy to think about, but he cannot get the idea of bringing back his mom and dad out of his head. As they fight, Damian escapes, only caring to find his father. He sets off to follow White Ghost.

When Talia is able to break free, she tries to find Damian only to see Robin and I-Ching fighting the League. Robin tells her if she'll talk to him, he'll help her find Damian. She tries acting like she's not concerned about Damian. Robin says that his mom used to look at him with the same look of concern she has. He asks about Ra's. He knows he was dead since Batman saw him die. Talis says she did too. Robin wants to know if he really can bring the dead back to life. He wants to know if Ra's would really do it for him. Talia warns him to be careful. Ra's likes to collect and use people. He says he doesn't care what would happen to him. He just wants his loved ones back. He takes off despite telling Talia he'd help her.

In Nanda Parbat, Ra's, in a newly possessed body, tells Sensei's "Men of Death" that they are no longer in service to Sensei. Merlyn questions why they should now work for him. He's also concerned that when Ra's current body burns out, he might try to just take one of theirs. Ra's tells him that he'll have a suitable, permanent body soon. He also says that others will also be joining his side. He still thinks that Batman will be one of them as he crawls out of the pool.

Merlyn believes this is his chance to take down Batman and "go down in history." He shoots an arrow which Batman easily dodges. Batman takes him out with one punch. Ra's quickly steps in front of Batman. He tells the others that if they want to try to take out Batman, they'll have to take him out first. Ra's tells Batman that he knows how he feels after the rebirth. Batman tells him he has no idea how he feels. Ra's extends his hand. He says he offered Robin the chance to join him and he refused. This will be the last time he offers his friendship.

Meanwhile, Robin has found White Ghost. He says that Ra's made him an offer and he wants to reconsider. White Ghost simply says he turned it down and that's it. They begin fighting. Robin puts some doubt into White Ghost's mind by saying that perhaps there's a reason Ra's made the offer to him. A reason that he just doesn't know about. White Ghost asks if he is completely ready to join them. Robin takes his hand.

At the same time, Batman has taken Ra's extended hand. Ra's al Ghul is happy that Batman has finally come to his senses. He comments that Batman's grip is pretty strong. Batman keeps squeezing until he crushes his already decaying hand. Ra's gets that this is Batman's way of saying no to his offer.

Robin and White Ghost stand over the Lazarus Pit. He tells Robin that he has to be "baptized" in the pit before he joins. There's the chance he'll lose his mind. He has to decide if he wants to take that risk and leaves him to ponder the decision. As Robin steps forward, I-Ching reveals himself. Robin tells him not to try to stop him but I-Ching says he's old enough to make his own decision. He says some more words of wisdom but leaves him to decide on his own.

Then a voice announces that perhaps I-Ching won't try to stop him, but he will. Nightwing stands over ready to do whatever it takes to stop him.

Continued in NIghtwing #139.

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