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It's Tim Drake's first Father's Day as Bruce Wayne's adopted son, and he wants everything to be just right. Unfortunately, the justice-crazed supervillains known as The Jury pick that very day to go on a murder spree in Gotham City!

It’s Father’s Day and Tim Drake shopping for a gift for Bruce. He’s picked out a watched and had it engraved. He leaves the shop and is thinking about his biological parents when he bumps into Zoanne. They talk and after Tim says that life is good, Zoanne gets upset and walks away. He thinks to himself that he still likes her and he’s sure she still likes him so they shouldn’t have to play games and act cool. He’s obviously not good at it anyway. He’s still in thought when he sees a motorcyclist snatch an old woman’s purse. After checking on the woman he quickly ducks into an alley, dons his costume and takes off after the thief. He plans to take him down in an empty intersection but isn’t fast enough. Before he can reach the thief, the man and his bike explode in a ball of flame. Robin looks around and sees The Jury. He yells at them for murdering a man he easily could have caught and they say that there’s no need for him to thank them. Angry, Robin grabs their leader and gets punched in return. The others immediately get into the fight and Robin finds himself facing twelve reasonably skilled and heavily armed enemies.

At Wayne Manor, Alfred stands in a kitchen filled with food and waits for Tim to come home so he can make dinner for Bruce. He expresses concern about Tim not being home yet but Bruce says that there’s almost nothing he can’t handle.

Back in the street, Robin is getting dog-piled by The Jury and complains about being held up. He starts to get mad and starts putting down bad guys in ways that keep them down.

Bruce is in full costume and about to get into the Batmobile when Tim arrives. He’s spattered in blood and his costume is torn, but all he can think about is how sorry he is for being late. He takes out the watch he bought for Bruce only to discover that the thing had been irreparably broken in the fight. He starts to tell Bruce that he’s ruined his first Father’s Day when Bruce tells him that’s not the case. He’s just proud that Tim took down the bad guys and got home safely. He then has Alfred put the watch in a trophy case and tells Tim to make him some scrambled eggs.

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