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At Gotham General Hospital, Dodge, the super-hero wannabe, has disappeared from his hospital bed. His parents demand to know where he is. The doctor suggests that perhaps the power from his teleporter belt transferred into Dodge (when Robin accidentally hit it with a batarang). After they leave, threatening to get a lawyer, Robin enters and asks to see his medical records and teleporter belt. He makes it clear that if they do not give them to him, he'll just take them later and return them when he's done.

At school the next day, Tim is in a daze. Zo asks him what he thought about their date but he barely registers her. He tells her that he had some other stuff on his mind and it doesn't have anything to do with her. He then gets a page and has to make a quick getaway.

At the police station, Officer Harper tells Robin about the reporters who were going to uncover the Lords of the Avenues gang taking drugs that turned them into meta-humans. One reporter is dead. The other was in protective custody but is now on the run. Harper says she usually calls in at this time. Perhaps Robin could get to her before the Lords force her to run again. She calls and is cut off quickly. The police just barely get a trace. Robin finds the reporter just as the Lords are about to grab her. Robin is barely able to hold them off. They manage to escape after Robin releases a gas from his costume. The only safe place he can think to take her is to Killa 'Nilla's place, Robin's snitch.

During the fight, Robin managed to get some skin and hair samples. Running a DNA analysis, he finds a certain drug that's been banned by the F.D.A. He also finds out that a Strader Pharmaceuticals has done extensive research on the drug. Zo's dad also happens to work for them. Robin pays a nightly visit to the vice-president of the company who quickly denies any involvement.

Robin calls Killa 'Nilla to see if he was able to get a lead on the drug dealer. He gives him some information and Robin goes to check things out. He wants to avoid detection so that he can follow the seller to his supplier and most likely to Strader. The Lords were prepared and had a couple members on the roof. Robin allows them to think they're sneaking up on him and moves at the last moment. They're stronger than last time. As the two grab Robin, they all go over the edge of the roof.

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