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Robin, as Tim Drake, is on his first date with his Calculus "tutor," Zoanne. This is the first time Tim's been on a normal date with a normal girl. Things are a little awkward at first. Things begin to pick up. Then the Bat-Signal shines through the windows of the restaurant followed by an appearance of Batman, looming outside.

Tim "accidentally" spills his salad on his lap and excuses himself to the restroom. Opening the window, he asks Batman what's up. Batman informs him of a new supervillain named Jitter. Batman would like Robin to assist him but Tim tells him he really wants to finish his date.

Tim goes back to his date. It seems he and Zo are really opening up to each other. Suddenly Batman and Jitter come crashing through the restaurant window. Batman orders everyone back. Tim becomes torn with what to do. Jitter grabs hold of Batman and threatens to vibrate his bones and muscles apart. Tim hits Jitter from behind with a serving tray and Batman is able to subdue him. As he leaves, he says, "Thank you for your cooperation," directed towards Tim.

Tim takes Zo back home. They make plans for a second date and kiss goodnight.

Robin later meets up with Batman. Batman thanks him once again. Robin accuses him of bringing the fight to him rather than take down Jitter on his own. Batman informs Robin that he was unaware that Jitter could fly and crashing through the restaurant was purely random. Then he asks Tim how his date went, with a smile on his face.

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