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A new storyline begins as Robin is uprooted to Blüdhaven, where he must operate on his own! With no school and no job, Tim Drake's life has narrowed to a single endeavor: crimefighting! But another mysterious vigilante is active in Blüdhaven, and it's not Batgirl!

Tim Drake visits his step mom, Dana Drake, at the hospital in Bludhaven where he learns from her doctor that though she keeps forgetting that Tim's father, Jack Drake and Tim's girlfriend Stephanie Brown were dead, Dana was not crazy, it was just a coping mechanism.

Back at Tim's Bludhaven Robin's Nest, Bruce Wayne asks Tim if it'd be okay for Bruce to adopt Tim as his son. Tim is speechless, and tells Bruce he needs time to think. He does this out on patrol where he is being unknowingly watched by The Rising Sun Archer.

The next day at John Wayne High School, Tim arrives for his first day but is bum-bared by students who have heard about Tim's last school in Gotham and how it was shot up during the gang wars earlier. Tim gets angry at everyone and blows up at them leaving them speechless.

One week later, Tim Alfred and Bruce meet with Jack Drake's lawyer to hear Jack's will and they learn that Jack's money is split between Tim and Dana and more importantly Tim will be cared for by Jack's brother Edward Drake. This surprises everyone and Bruce promises to get to the bottom of it.

A few days later back in Bludhaven, Tim goes on patrol and after beating up some thugs he is blindsided by The Rising Sun Archer who hits him in the chest with three yellow arrows.

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