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Out for a movie with his girlfriend Ariana, Tim Drake confronted two guys who were disturbing the peace in the movie theatre with their noisy chatters about the film.

Offended by Tim's request, the bullies splashed Tim with cola and threats were made.

On the way home from the theatre, the bullies ambushed Tim and Ariana, afraid to reveal his alter-ego,Tim decided to role with the punches until an officer stopped the mugging.

Upset by the beating, Tim decided to go out on patrol with Batman(Dick), to ease his frustion. Robin releases his anger to some lowlife thugs thinking that they were the ones who threw him a beating.

Another evening, Ariana's uncle was visited by ukrianian gangsters, threatened by the goons, Vari Dzerchenko defended himself.

The gangsters vandalized his shop, witnessing the whole scenario, Ariana ran out to clear her head.

On his way to Ariana, Tim ran into the bullies but this time the outcome change, Tim got his payback.

When Tim arrived at the Dzerchenko shop, He realized something happened. Ariana called tim and came crying to his arms.

Tim comforts his girlfriend.

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