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The Birth Of Robert

Shado And Ollie

The Green Arrow was blackmailed into hunting down Shado to find a treasure map by CIA Agent Osborne, Ollie finally caught and she later goes on to nurse Ollie back to health (after he falls sick with a fever), Shado drugged Ollie to help him heal. She then went on to rape him and conceived Robert. Ollie would not discover this till years later. After she had healed him she said that she had mistaken him for one of her attackers and he left without the map. When they met years later Shado showed Ollie his son Robert and went on to tell him how she had raped him. She then told him she wanted him to have nothing to do with their son.

He still lives calmly under assumed identities, doing what has to be done and raising her son to become an archer.

In the series Green Arrow & Black Canary it was revealed that Shado was forced to kill Green Arrow by Dr. Sivana in order to save her son from leukemia. Dr. Sivana promised to heal Shado's son if Shado assassinated Oliver Queen. The shot that was suppose to kill Oliver Queen missed and hit his son Connor Hawke. Afterwards Connor's injured body was taken to try an lure Oliver Queen into a trap. Shado later teamed up with Green Arrow, Plastic Man, Black Canary, Batman, Speedy, and Doger and attacked Dr. Sivana's lab. But when she gets back Robert he has aged 9 years, from 8 to 17, but he is leukemia free.

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