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Robert Martin was a superhuman resident of Battle Mountain, Nevada and unknowingly one of the many superhumans on Nick Fury's Caterpillar List, a secret record of men and women with special powers who had not been yet been discovered by other parties. One day, Mikel Fury and Carlos Ayala recruited Robert to be a member of Team Gray of the Secret Warriors and take part in Nick Fury's secret war against HYDRA and Leviathan


Robert Martin was created by Jonathan Hickman and first illustrated by David Marquez in Secret Warriors. The character was first mentioned in the backmatter of Secret Warrior's first issue but did not debut until much later in the series. He died in the very same issue he first appeared. 

Major Story Arcs 

Wheels Within Wheels 

Along with the rest of Team Gray, Robert Martin was sent on a mission by Nick Fury to infiltrate and destroy a HYDRA stronghold belonging to the Hive. Tragically, the mission went badly, and they were overrun by HYDRA agents infested by the Hive's parasites. All of Team Gray, including Robert Martin, were killed as Mikel Fury detonated the explosives to take out the stronghold with them. 

Powers and Abilities 

Robert Martin was identified as an organic builder by Nick Fury. However, what this actually meant as far as what he was capable of doing was left ambiguous.

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