Best writer!

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He really knows what the fans want and gives it to them. The letters columns in the back of his comics adds an extra 15 minutes of entertainment after you're done with the comic. His responses are often hilarious. And he's really good with keeping the quality of his stuff consistent. He always has tons of extra features with commentary added to the backs of his hardcover and paperback collections, which is very cool. He really knows how to give you more bang for your buck and deliver quality comic book stories and dialogue.

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I think he is great from what I have seen ( Mostly the Invincible Universe refrence comics)But I gotta say his take on Ultimate X-Men has been bad in the beginning with Magician and getting progressively but inconclusively better with Bishop and Cable and the new X-Men.

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Kirkman is great. But for me, Ellis, Ennis, and Azzarello edge him out (Ellis by the biggest margin).

Walking Dead is definitely the greatest zombie comic ever.

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I haven't read too much Azzarelloexcept for his Cage MAX series....I wanted to have a one on one conversation with him. Yadadaimsaying.

#5 Posted by Li'l T-bo (149 posts) - - Show Bio

Yadadon't know what you're saying. I liked that series, at least what I read of it.

Other must-read Azzarello:

LOVELESS (got all of them, great comic, Civil War-era)


100 Bullets (of course)

All his work on Hellblazer is great too

#6 Posted by Tailfeathers (2 posts) - - Show Bio

The Walking Dead should be mad into a TV show

#7 Posted by Tailfeathers (2 posts) - - Show Bio

Made not mad

#8 Posted by Virtue (9 posts) - - Show Bio

Yep, Vaughan and Ellis are other favorites. But, Kirkman, I think, should get a lot of credit just for doing suck long letters columns, including jam-packed special features in his trades, and coming out with TWD sometimes a week after the last issue when he's trying to catch up to schedule.

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