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The main caretaker to the Freeman children (Huey and Riley Freeman) of The Boondocks series.

Robert and Ruckus

Robert Freeman is Huey's and Riley's grandfather. He has is very stubborn and usually very easy going unless you make him mad. Robert has been in many crazy situations, such as supposedly marching with Martin Luther King and fighting and killing Stinkmeaner. Robert does not take anything from no one and will voice his opinion. This is shown when he fought with Thugnificent and made numerous videos dissing him.

Roberts arch enemy is Stickmeaner, Robert and Stickmeaner met when Robert tried to get a spot and Stinkmeaner took it. Stickmeaner and Robert exchanged words and he later went on to step on Roberts shoes. They later confronted each other and fought. Robert landed a fatal blow and killed Stinkmeaner. Stinkmeaner came back from the dead to get his revenge, but failed.

Though Robert is not married, he constantly tries to court women. His relationships have all failed. The women he meet are crazy or not socially excepted by society.

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