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Alright! I've been seeing lately that people are making threads specifically devoted to some of their favourite characters. I think that this is a great idea (and get's more comic discussion going about), so I decided to make one for all the comics based on Robert E. Howard's works!

So, you can find the latest news on Conan, Kull, and Solomon Kane (all published by Dark Horse) in this thread!

Solomon Kane #3

Mario Guevara

Dave Stewart

Cover Artist:
John Cassaday


With more dead bodies discovered around the fabled Castle of the Devil, the determined Puritan adventurer Solomon Kane and his new ally John Silent look for answers in a pile of ancient bones buried deep in the abbey beneath Baron von Staler's fortress. The Baroness is missing, and the Baron accuses Solomon Kane. Tempers flare, and blades are drawn-but the real monster remains unseen.

* Expanding upon Robert E. Howard's unfinished "Castle of the Devil" story.

"Solomon Kane is one of the toughest Robert E. Howard heroes to adapt to the comics page, but Scott Allie and Mario Guevara have done a stunning job. Unsettling, moody and eerily beautiful, their Kane is absolutely worthy of his creator." -Kurt Busiek
Publication Date: December 03, 2008
Format: FC, 32 pages
Price: $2.99

Kull #2

Will Conrad

José Villarrubia

Cover Artist:
Andy Brase


Before the blood from his last battle has a chance to soak into Valusian soil, Kull faces new threats to his throne. As representatives from all corners of his kingdom seek his counsel, the new warrior-king accepts a strange invitation from a hotheaded Pict emissary. Kull will need to discard ancient prejudices and find allies in former foes if he's to save the newly united Valusian empire from a clandestine enemy that once threatened to enslave and exterminate mankind!

With critically acclaimed writer Arvid Nelson (Rex Mundi, Joker's Asylum) fan-favorite artist Will Conrad (Conan, Serenity), and coloring maestro José Villarrubia (Conan the Cimmerian) at the helm, Kull is a welcome addition to Dark Horse's Robert E. Howard comic book line--and one of the smartest new adventure series of 2008!

Praise for Arvid Nelson:

"Truly original ideas are worth their weight in gold, but a truly original idea executed with as much intelligence and obvious passion as Rex Mundi is priceless. A top-of-the-stack comic, month after month." -Brian K. Vaughn

"Nelson compellingly stretches the medium."
-- Entertainment Weekly

Publication Date:
December 03, 2008

FC, 32 pages


7 61568 14695 0 00211

Conan The Cimmerian #6

Jose Villarrubia

Cover Artist:
Frank Cho


Richard Corben illustrates another gripping Connacht flashback, as we witness how Conan's grandfather returned to Cimmeria, found a bride, and tamed his wanderlust in order to become an integral part of his tribe. In Conan's present, Conan has overcome impossible odds and trials to return to the Cimmerian village he grew up in--only to find that much has changed in the years he's been away. With Brecan and his men closing in on the fugitive Caollan, will Conan's reunion with his former Cimmerian lover get cut short?

With moody interiors by both Richard Corben and Tomás Giorello, Conan the Cimmerian continues Dark Horse Comics' exciting exploration of Robert E. Howard's beloved barbarian hero.

"Beautifully rendering Robert E. Howard's poem, 'Cimmeria,' Truman and Giorello do an outstanding job of setting the grandiose tone for their upcoming reboot by telling a simple, yet poignant story."

"Tomás Giorello . . . has the Conan formula down to a science."
Publication Date: December 17, 2008
Format: FC, 40 pages
Price: $2.99
UPC: 7 61568 15367 5 00611

Conan and The Midnight God


Conan has won the throne of Aquilonia and the hand of the beautiful Zenobia. With a kingdom to rule and an heir on the way, will the Cimmerian finally put up his sword for good? Don't bet on it.

When his bride and country are attacked by a sinister Stygian sorcerer, Conan strikes back at Stygia with all his might-and the might of Aquilonia-in a move that threatens to throw all Hyboria into chaos!

Written by Joshua Dysart (Swamp Thing, Violent Messiahs) and drawn by upcoming Kull artist Will Conrad (Serenity; Buffy The Vampire Slayer).

* Includes Dysart and Tone Rodriguez's story in Funcom's Age of Conan comic, distributed to 450,000 readers.
Publication Date: November 14, 2007
Format: FC, 136 pages, TPB, 7" x 10"
Price: $14.95
Age range: 16+
ISBN-10: 1-59307-852-8
ISBN-13: 978-1-59307-852-2





Conan and the Midnight God is one of the greatest comic's I've ever read. Maybe it's because I read it after going through 45 issues of the main series (and thus, had become aware of the awesomeness present in Conan comics), but it is incredible. The art is astounding, the story, to say the least, is epic, and it has some amazing battle/fight sequences I`ve seen. If they ever make a Conan movie centered around his time as king, it should be based off that story.

Wanna give a shout out to Dark Horse's Savage Sword Of Conan reprints (originally published by Marvel). The art's been remastered, and each volume is quite long (and pretty cheap considering). While I haven't got my hands on a full volume yet (working on it), I've taken the time to check it out for some time at a comic supplier, and also read the original Hand Of Nergal from Conan #50.

Solomon Kane, though only three issues in (by today) is coming along very nicely. The art is great on both the inside and the outside, it`s suitably creepy, and Solomon is a mysterious and interesting character.

Kull`s first issue was entertaining. We didn`t get much of a handle on what was exactly the aim of the book, but a few hints at possible stories seemed to be dropped. At any rate, the art-as always-was great (don`t let the cover for issue one fool you! The interior is much better), and the core fight scene was quite violent o.O. Kull kind of feels like Conan-light, though. Once the story gets further in, that will probably change though.

All of these books (Conan and Solomon Kane moreso than Kull, but it's still pretty good) are some of my all time favourite comics. I hope there's more fans out on this website too! :)

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