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When struggling teen Robbie Reyes decides it’s time to get his disabled little brother Gabe out of East Los Angeles, he finds the answer to his prayers in the form of an illegal street race with a 50 grand prize. Unbeknownst to Robbie, the car he borrows from his place of employment, Canelo’s Auto & Body, is haunted by an unfamiliar Spirit of Vengeance named Eli Morrowi. Unfortunately the race goes awry when what appears to be the local authorities, intervene. Robbie finds himself at a dead end despite his best efforts. He tries to surrender but is inexplicably gunned down on his knees. The police turn out to be paramilitary cartel hired by the nefarious Mr. Hyde. They retrieve seven duffle bags of pink pills and leave Robbie and the car to burn. When a flare of fire shoots from the car and hits the now dead Robbie Reyes, his face melts away in a blaze of Hellfire and he and Eli together are suddenly transformed into the supernatural being… GHOST RIDER!


Robbie Reyes was co-created by Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore. He made his first appearance in All-New Ghost Rider #1, May 26, 2014. According to Tradd Moore, Robbie's Ghost Rider appearance was intended to evoke a "sleek, techno vibe while also being grim and intimidating" the idea apparently sparked some interesting rhetorical questions as Moore was quoted "In my head I was thinking like, 'What if Death joined Daft Punk? What if Satan became a Power Ranger? What if Speed Racer went to hell and came back a slasher villain? What would that look like?"


Robbie is the latest in a long line of Ghost Riders, preceded by Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch, Alejandra Jones, and many more in world history. Thus far, he has displayed similar abilities such as but are not limited to enhanced strength, speed, healing, and imperviousness to bullet fire.

HELL Charger

Unlike previous Ghost Riders, Robbie's ride of choice is a black 1969 Dodge Charger with a chrome blower on the hood. Which he "borrows" to try and win a street racing competition. When possessed by the powers of the Ghost Rider the Dodge appears to be impervious to any and all conventional forms of artillery, and is powerful enough to ram straight through other vehicles without so much as slowing down. The inside of the Dodge appears to be more vulnerable to phsyical damage, but the car is capable of instantanious repair on Robbie's command.

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