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Robb Stark was born at Riverrun to Catelyn Tully and Eddard Stark. They returned to Winterfell after Robert's rebellion, along with Robb's half-brother Jon Snow. He has a good relationship with his younger siblings and developed a friendly rivalry with his half-brother. Robb was also close with his father's ward, Theon Greyjoy, who regarded him like a younger brother. He has inherited the Tully looks, having a stocky build, blue eyes, and auburn hair. He is 14 years old at the start of the book series, but 17 years old in the TV show.


Robb is kind, honest, loyal, honorable, devoted to duty, if a bit reserved. Its said, while he takes his appearance from his mother, he most resembles his father in behavior. While young, he proves to be a bold and promising ruler when his father leaves to join the King's court. He is loyal to his father's people and shares his father's commitment to honor above all.


The "Game of Thrones" series has been adapted from the book of the same name, part of the series "A Song of Ice and Fire, written by George R.R. Martin. Robb Stark first appeared in Game of Thrones #1.

Current Events

Robb and a small group attend the execution of a Night's Watch deserter. On the return trip to Winterfell, Jon Snow discovers a dead direwolf and a litter of six direwolf pups in the snow. Robb claims one of the pups for his own and names him Grey Wind. Soon the king and his court arrive at Winterfell. Robb spars with Prince Joffrey with wooden swords. Bad blood develops between the two, as Joffrey challenges Robb to spar with live steel, but the master-at-arms forbids it.

When Eddard is named Hand of the King, Robb remains in Winterfell to rule in his father's place with his mother's help. After another attempt at his brother Bran's life, Catelyn leaves for King's Landing and the sole responsibility to rule at Winterfell falls to him. Tyrion Lannister meets with Robb again after leaving the Wall, but he receives a cold reception from Robb, as he suspects that Tyrion is connected with the attempts on Bran's life. He goes riding with Theon and Bran, who can ride again thanks to a special saddle devised by Tyrion. The group is ambushed by a group of wildlings and Night's Watch deserters, but Theon and Robb kill most of them, taking a wildling woman named Osha as a hostage.

Other Media


Robb Stark first appeared in "Game of Thrones", a novel by George R.R.Martin. Robb is a prominent character in the series "A Song of Ice and Fire". Note that Robb is the only Stark other than Rickon that doesn't have a POV in the book series, as his storyline is being seen from Catelyn's point of view.


Robb also appeared in the HBO television series, based on "A Song of Ice and Fire", titled "Game of Thrones". He is portrayed by Richard Madden.

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