Youngblood collectors pack

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I received a (Treat Pedigree Collection) of 4 Youngblood

comics in a hanging blister pack and would like to know more about it.

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Can you put a link to a similar product on the web or a picture? I did a quick search for "treat pedigree collection youngblood" and got nothing.

Are you wanting more info on Youngblood the team, the specific comic series it comes from, or are you trying to find out value? Value is probably not much.

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I got the same info when I searched, and I put in all kinds of variables. Basically it is a blister pack of sorts with the first four comics in it and has a (Treat Pedigree collection) serial number: 044682. I already have these comics, they came in a lot of 41 comics from Shop Goodwill. I was just wanting to know if anyone here might know a little more about this type of promotion. I will figure out how to post a picture soon.

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Alright. how do you insert a photo in a reply???

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