Rob Liefield is not retiring after all#1

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It was initially reported that Rob Liefeld was retiring from comics (
However he now tweets:
Rob Liefield:
"I am NOT retired from comics. Taking some time off and will be back at it soon. Thanks!
No I am not permanently retired from comics. I’m too young! Momentarily, yes. Geez, let a guy enjoy some R and R
My mistake is that I don’t give facebook comments the same weight as I do twitter rants. Lesson learned."


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And the world just got a little sadder.....

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@Izaiah said:

@Dernman said:

@WaveMotionCannon said:

And the world just got a little sadder.....
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i still think all liefeld fans are trolls or blind

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He was retiring from comics? I thought it was just from DC?

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No more living :(

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I just want to know who still buys his stuff? Are there that many people still fans of the infinite pocket art style?

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@Brazen_Intellect: whos not a fan his art is so awesome its like the hand of god made art that good.

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@Deranged Midget said:

He was retiring from comics? I thought it was just from DC?

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@Rumble Man: Lmao!!

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:P dangit, why must he persist

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TBH I thought he was retiring from DC only. I'm not too disappointed,cause I know he won't be touching DC and a move back to Marvel is unlikely. I don't read much Image so I'm cool as well.

Bring on the MEME and GIFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Please please please retire. At least get out of DC.

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Imagine that.

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Rob is too young to retire and could copy more great ideas from the New 52.

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And yet...someone out there will still buy his comics.

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so hate that guy.....

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