Liefeld dicks around on Twitter, insults dozens of creators.

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@SmoothJammin: EXACTLY,and yet he is still on,especially with DEATHSTROKE?! he is f***ing up everything,hope he gets fired or something

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Ive met Rob hes a really nice guy in person. Just saying. If you create a character and then another company profiuts off of him forever you might be a little bitter as well. (Not an excuse for calling out people).

#53 Posted by bingbangboom (746 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't get why Rob has a problem with Marvel, I just assume its because they won't hire him for steady work anymore. Think the last thing was the Deadpool Corps book.

He feels that Marvel is not putting top talent on Deadpool or at least what he considers "Top Talent". I am pretty sure that Liefeld gets a cut from all the books and everything. So putting "A-List" talent on the book means Rob gets more money. Simple as that.

Marvel has featured Deadpool in multiple videogames and he is even getting his own videogame too. There are very few characters that Marvel has released a videogame for that are not directly tied into a movie or some other property.

He didn't back away from some of his comments and almost trying to shame Marvel and their talent into writing Deadpool. Why? Rob should just focus on what he can do. He has his own comics, again, which will prob not do that well considering he is so stuck on something he has very little control of. He is going to look like an idiot if the new Deadpool book is really good.

Also Marvel has been doing these teasers for the Marvel NOW! books and they put Deadpool's teaser along with Hulk, Thor and Iron Man! Doesn't sound like they are just throwing away the character. Also Rob gives me hope. Sometimes I draw and get so fusterated because I can't get the proportions the way I want. Well that doesn't matter because if Rob can do it, maybe one day I can do it.

#54 Posted by Billy Batson (57905 posts) - - Show Bio

The funny thing is that Liefeled worked on Deadpool Corps two years, Liefeld, eat a dick.

#55 Posted by X35 (5981 posts) - - Show Bio

I think he meant it as a compliment in comparison to himself.

#56 Posted by TDK_1997 (14643 posts) - - Show Bio

This man is a true champion. LOL!

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Rob Liefeld is an ass, he still draws like he did years ago IT SUCKED THEN AND IT STILL DOES. He blows, because of him I quit reading Grifter, never picked up Hawk & Dove and I didn't read Deadpool Corps and the other Deadpool stuff that 90's relic drew. His faces look the same (refer to the Infinity,that was bad, H&D and any other crap he drew), he still gives women huge 80's hair, hooker heels and ridiculously ill proportionate boobs even worse than other artists, when he draws masks it's like he forgets people have noses, he still adds huge shoulder pads and mohawks (refer again to the Infinity...terrible). How can he call he call Ed McGuinness, Joe Mad or Gail Simone D-List...they're soooo good at their craft. Gail Simone...I would take a bullet for that sweet, talented, imaginative woman.


Please tell Rob Liefeld this since he will probably never read this.

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Did he ever think, Marvel doesn't feature their "A-List" talent on Deadpool because they don't want to write his book? 

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Wow. Just wow. I can't believe he did that.This thread made me laugh so hard! All we need now is for Jeph Loeb to do something similar and I can die feeling fulfilled.

@fACEmelter88: So tell us how you really feel. :)

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@k4tzm4n said:

Yeesh. The dude talks a lot about how to handle haters but clearly isn't following his own advice.

The guy probably doesn't even follow his own advice on haters. He has such a big ego that all the hate just bounces off of it.

#62 Posted by Omega Ray Jay (7657 posts) - - Show Bio

Bye bye any future Marvel work.

#63 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (32993 posts) - - Show Bio
@danhimself said:

I think it's funny that he thinks of Loeb as A-list....if that's what he's striving for then there's the reason why his art is so bad

thats what I was thinking 

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