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Two runaway boys let music save their souls.

There could not have been two more different boys in Segovia High School than Monty McBride and Simon Smallwood. Monty came from an affluent, albeit broken home, and was a popular student in school due to his outgoing personality and success in team sports.

In contrast, Simon's parents died when he was fourteen, leaving him to be raised by his young adult sister Lizzie. Simon and Lizzie survived at close to the poverty level, both working their way through school. Simon's tough life had left him antisocial, and an outcast, with no friends other than his punk girlfriend Gina. But when the boys respective older siblings fall in love, they're forced to interact.

At first, they only need to collaborate on writing a wedding song, but when the yacht owned by Monty's father is destroyed, killing the wedding party, the boys' lives are irrevocably changed. Not only are they blamed for the explosion that destroys the yacht, but the real killers are also hot on their trail! Forced together in this desperate situation, the two boys run away. Using their talent as musicians to survive, they flee to the Midwest, where in the seedy world of broken-down bars and strip clubs they must deal with the temptations and dangers of life on the wild side.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 1: Road To Ruin
  • Chapter 2: Road Rage
  • Chapter 3: Road Blocks
  • Chapter 4: Road Fever
  • Chapter 5: Crossroads
  • Chapter 6: The Open Road







Story Arcs

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