Image of Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock

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Roadblock as depicted in the comics & cartoon: 

Roadblock action figure toy package
Roadblock from 2002 issue
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Looks pretty good. As an actor I've only seen him in The Rundown and The Tooth Fairy and I thought he was good in both films. 
I really hope they make up for the last movie.

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I didn't realize they even cast him as Roadblock. I wonder if this will incite any outrage over his not being "black enough" to play Roadblock since he's half Samoan.

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That man can wear anything he wants in any movie he wants and its damn fine by me... *sigh*

#5 Posted by Mega_spidey01 (3078 posts) - - Show Bio

the trailer looks interesting !

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@IrishX: Dude. Scorpion King. Watch. Now.


*shoos* Go! Now!

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