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The Road To Vengeance also known as The Missing Link Crossover begins in greenland and reveals that Lilith, who is
presumed dead, is very much alive, healthy and ready to deliver a whole new brood of Lilin. Lilith sends out a call to
her remaining Lilin as she needs assistance with the rebirthing (centurious also hears the call). Outcast is the only one
who hears the call and answers helping mommy dearest to rebirth his fallen brethren. Amongst the Reborn Blackout, Pilgrim,
Meatmarket and Nakota are back and  totally healed from all previous injuries that was sustained at the time of there
deaths. The team with the help of Seer discover Lilith and the Lilin are alive and come to be attacked by Blackout and

In the Meantime Ghost Rider / Blaze discover that Blaze has Hellfire in his body and he learns he can conrtol
this new ability with the help of special armour provided by Quinn. Later on Ghost Rider comes into conflict with
Centurious, he then takes Ghost Rider's Chain and adds it mystical power to his own. It is revealed that Deathwatch is
Rejuvinated to life by Centurious and that Vengeance was a police officer in his past.

When Seer and Caretaker present that they are memebers of a secret society known as The Blood that is a cult of supernatural
immortals that battle the forces of darkness, they learn that Ghost Rider, Vengeance and Blaze get there mystical powers
from a shattered remain of an ancient relic that is hidden within Ghost Rider, Guess who happens to be looking for this relic,
could it be none other than Lilith and Centurious. Read the Arc to find all out the juicy details. 

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