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Little is known about Hubie Edge's past before Decimation. Hubie Edge is a 250 pounds of corn fed muscle from Alabama. He is a mutant who has the ability of therianthropy  and enables him to transform into an insect humanoid most likely a cockroach. He then named himself Roach. When Scarlet Witch depowered the majority of the mutant population, Hubie was stuck in his insect form and lost his other abilities including the ability to turn back to his human form.  A serial killer named Ghoul who attacks depowered mutants, especially those without any team affiliations, killed Hubie leaving a note that says "Not Enough Died". His case was then reported to Sally Floyd after she was given a photo of his dead body.


The full potential of Hubie have not been revealed. He is a mutant who can shape shift into an insect form most likely  cockroach. The proven ability while in this form is flight, though, some of his abilities remain unrevealed. During Decimation, his powers were all lost.

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