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Rixx is a native of the planet Ghan IX. Her father was martyred sometime after her birth, and her mother put her eldest brother Arkkon in charge of her. Rixx always carries her doll around with her everywhere she goes, even when going out to help her brothers collect wood.

Major Story Arcs

Blood and Rage

Rixx is tagging along with her brothers Arkkon and Zo when some Yuevers started shooting at them. The Yuevers had mistaken the children playing for some Ghanian rebels. Arkkon and Zo were both killed but Rixx was able to hide and avoid being shot.

Rixx meets Atrocitius

When she saw her brothers dead bodies Rixx screamed out in rage. Her pure rage was enough to bring a passing Atrocitus in to investigate. Atrocitus, sensing the great rage and injustice brought Rixx's brothers killers to her. He then killed them in front of her, as a sort of dark gift.

Rixx got scared of Atrocitus and ran off leaving her doll behind and a haunting image that haunted Atrocitus for several days.

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