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Divatox: I Rita, D. here.

Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you.

I totally forgot about the time change,

but I need you to tell me this:

how do I get rid of the Power Rangers?

Rita: What? The Power Rangers?

Ah, Ah, Ah! If I knew that, do you think

I would be lying here listening to this?

(Lord Zedd snoring).

Rita: My advice to you divatox: RUUUN!

Divatox: Thanks for nothing!

- Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Rita Repulsa

Trapped in a galactic dumpster on the moon for ten thousand years. Once Rita Repulsa escapes, she makes the siege of planet Earth her primary goal. She is famous galactic sorceress and master of evil magic. When the wizard Zordon learns of her escape, he creates the team of the Power Ranger s to defeat her.

Her first known attack towards the little blue planet was an earthquake, this attack takes place shortly before the Rangers reluctantly receive their Morphers. She also typically employs the use of mindless minions she creates from some unknown clay like substance, which she calls Putties. She also employs the use of Giant Kaiju monsters, which forces the Rangers, to use their Giant Mechs known as Zords.

Rita later uses the green power coin, to control the Green Ranger. Her controlling the Green Ranger still holds up today as one of the Ranger's most harrowing and deadly threats. Although, the Rangers manage to break Rita's hold on the Green Ranger and allow him to become a hero, Rita uses the Green Candle that once it burns out will return all of the Green Rangers power to her, thus limiting the appearances of the Green Ranger It was not long after this she began to be able to use Super Putties.

Later she kidnaps the Rangers parents, and puts up a ransom for the teams power coins. She also during this time takes control of the Blue Ranger. And forces him to steal the Dragon Dagger originally introduced by the Green Ranger and given to the Red Ranger. Rita sends Goldar to make the exchange. the Rangers all give over there coins to Goldar and Rita, who do not stick to their end of the bargain. However the Red Ranger reveals that he still has the Dragon Coin which is the source of the Green Rangers power, they use this to summon him, and then fuse his powers with Zordan's in order to defeat Rita and retrieve their coins and Parents. He succeeds in retrieving not only the power coins and parents but he also gets the Dragon Dagger back.


After failing on Multiple occasions to defeat the Power Rangers and take over earth her Master Zedd. Came to watch over things and more or less replace her altogether as the Main Villain when he shrinks her down to the size of an action figure and seals her back into the galactic dumpster and hurls her into space.

Lord Zedd and Rita

Rita's dumpster eventually drifts back into earths atmosphere, and she joins with Zedd after she puts a love potion into his tubing. They then get married.

Power Rangers: Zeo

Power Rangers: Mystic Force

Rita Repulsa reappears in the form of Mystic Mother, the Empress of all Good Magic, the leader of the Mystics and the most powerful good magical being.

Mystic Mother

Mystic Mother appears in the final episodes dwelling in her palace before being interrupted by Snow Prince warning her of Octomus and to flee.

Refusing to leave, Mystic Mother is confronted by Octomus whom was able to resist her strongest spell. She tries to escape, transporting Snow Prince away just in time before she got consumed, leaving her palace in ruins.

Though she is believed to be eliminated, it is revealed she survived the attack by becoming magical essence. Mystic Mother grants Clare greater sorceress powers and reminds the Mystic Force Power Rangers that they can never be without magic in the final battle.

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