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Rising Sun Archer is a DC Comics character who appeared in the "To Kill a Bird" arc of the Robin series. She is an extremely deadly archer as well as a skilled martial artist.

Lisa Yurigama is the teenage granddaughter of a World War 2-era Japanese assassin who also called himself Rising Sun Archer. For unknown reasons, she decided to take up her grandfather's identity and moved from her native Japan to Blüdhaven and became a mercenary. She was eventually hired by the Penguin to track down and kill the superhero known as Robin. She fought him and was defeated, but managed to escape when she stabbed him in the arm with one of her arrows.

Robin searched for all the information he could find on her, and eventually found her name and the address for her apartment in Blüdhaven's Little Tokyo. He then broke into her apartment to kidnap her, only to find that someone had already tied her up, taped her mouth shut, and pinned a note for Robin on her shirt. Robin attempted to interrogate her, and although she refused to speak, the note told him that the Penguin hired her. Eventually Robin released Lisa, (who was surprised as she was sure he was going to kill her), but only after warning her never to come back to his city again. She has not been seen since, though it is most likely that she returned to Japan.

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