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Powers and Abilities

Risho was the team capatin for Team Masho during the Dark Tournament and during said tournament he seemed to be at least the second strongest. His high C-Class power gave him advantages over most demons though only meant he was slightly better than average. Risho was a trained demon Shinobi and learned a varitey to hand to hand combat tactics and had a great amount of experience. His trademark was he could control earth for variuos defensive purposes, creating armor from clay that also acted as a weapon. Risho was cold and calculating and would do anything to win.
Signature Moves
Armor of Clay: Risho would summon a large amount of dirt and rock from the ground and wrap that around himself as an armor. This gave him an increase in defense as well as offense by weighing his blows and adding spikes to his forearms.
Armor of Clay 2: An even thicker coat of armor desinged to be bashed into the opponent at high speed
Meteor Attack: After coating himself with an armor Risho would jump into the air and charge himself with demon energy. Risho would then launch himself like a meteor at his opponent at highspeed doing a great amount of damage. The inherent weakness of this attack was that Risho had to get close to his opponent to smash into them.

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